DDY Loan Scheme


Eligibility for Loan:

  • Beneficiary's residence and bank loans operated business should be within the scope of the related branch


Maximum Amount Of Loan:

  • Maximum admissible loan amount to the beneficiaries will be Rs 2.00 Lakh, this loan can be given in the form of both loan amount and CCL.


Term Of Loan:

  • The maximum term of the loan will be 60 months (5 years), which should be renewed every year. Recovery of loans should be done on monthly/ quaterly basis.



  • Upto Rs 25,000.00 credit for the above loan scheme, for loan of more than Rs 25,000.00 the beneficiary will have to deposit a collateral security of one and a half times the loan amount and two people as guaranters.



  • The insurance charges will be beared by the debetor, the insurance wil cover all risks on collateral security upto the sanctioned loan amount.


Interest Rate:

  • Upto Rs 50,000 thousand 10.00%
  • More than Rs 50,000 thousand and less than Rs 2.00 lakh 11.00%, in case of outstanding debt 20% more interest, interest will be charged on a monthly basis.


**For more information please visit your nearest branch of District Co-Operative Bank Ltd.